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Wes Bentley Teases Dark & Difficult Yellowstone Ending & What He Really Thinks About Matthew McConaughey Joining the Franchise

For years now, loyal fans of Yellowstone have watched Wes Bentley‘s Jaime Dutton go through ups and many, many downs. During this year’s SCAD TVfest, in which Bentley was honored with the Virtuoso Award for his role in the western hit, Bentley talked to SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas about the future of the show.

When asked if the rumors that Yellowstone may be coming to an end are true, Bentley kept his poker face. Instead, he teased what the show would look like in his hands. “I’m a terrible writer,” he says. “But if I wrote the ending there would be Care Bears, we would have some Monty Python skits – maybe [Kelly Reilly’s] Beth and [Cole Hauser’s] Rip? We learned that their humor is not, they’re not very funny.” Now that we heard a glimpse of Bentley’s writing abilities, we’re truly thankful for the writers of the show.

Bentley continued, this time talking seriously about a potential end to the show. “I think well, honestly, I think the ending to this show is not going to be what people expect it, it might not feel good,” he says. “It’s gonna be a hard ending to tell.”

In addition to a possible ending of the show, Deadline recently revealed that Matthew McConaughey is in talks to star in the next “potential franchise extension.” Bentley, for one, would be a huge supporter. “Matthew’s great, I worked with him, a good friend of mine, I think it’s great,” he says. “They’re coming up with something together.”

Whether he’d join the show or not, it’s still in the cards. “I mean, I love ’em both so I’d have to consider that, depends on what they’re writing me.”

Though details of McConaughey’s new project are still limited we can’t wait to find out more. After all, how powerful would the Bentley-McConaughey combo be?

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