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Keke Palmer Plans to Confront Kate Winslet About Her Beef With That Infamous Titanic Scene

From being an award-winning singer and actress, to a television host and the newest digital network founder with KeyTV, Keke Palmer has established herself as a master of many talents. Talking to SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas while promoting her recent partnership with Doritos, Palmer also showed she’s a master of another unique skill: knowing everyone’s Big Dip Energy (aka BDE). Simply put, BDE is “having a bold dip and knowing how to use it,” per their website.

When asked how Rogue, the Marvel character she dressed up as for Halloween, would dip, the Nope star knew exactly what her answer was. “I think she dips her Doritos without the use of her hands,” she said, noting that Rogue “can’t use her hands too much.” Palmer added laughing, “She’s all mouth with it.”

In her next answer, however, Palmer changed her tone. When asked how Kate Winslet‘s character Rose in Titanic would dip, things got serious. “Whatever it would be, it would be a failure because that’s what she did for us,” Palmer said, “she failed.” Palmer then continued the Rose slander, “So she would not do it at the level in which we needed it to be done. It would be lack-luster, she would not save the day.”

With such strong feelings against the ending of the 1997 classic, one would think Palmer’s already talked to Winslet about her feelings. “I haven’t and when I do it’ll be a day,” Palmer said. “Because why didn’t you ask James Cameron for a better ending?”

Palmer also confessed her admiration for her Hustlers co-star Jennifer Lopez. “Honey, she’s the epitome of big dip energy,” she said. “She would dip it in a way that made you just want to eat it immediately. She would be giving you a twirl, and a whirl, and a whoop and a wap. She’d probably do a double dip of both flavors, she would like double double whammy or something like that. She would give you all the attitude you could need with it.”

Continuing her incredible skill of guessing people’s BDE, Palmer shared how she thinks Teal Swan, from Hulu’s The Deep End, would dip. “This lady is scary,” Palmer stated. “She’d probably have everybody else dip it for her and feed it to her, that’s the type of vibe that she’s giving.”

Her friend Michael Strahan, however, gives off very different vibes. “He would probably dip it with perfect precision like he used to do on that field, honey,” Palmer said. “His would be like a perfect precision dip, everything would be in line.”

Bridgerton‘s Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), however, would have a different, sexier approach. “He would do it very, very, slightly,” Palmer said. “He would probably have some gloves on, he would probably have the dip in a champagne glass.” Palmer also channeled peak Duke “spoon” energy, referencing his iconic spoon scene. *Insert spoon swoon here.

In the last round, Palmer poked fun out her own “I don’t know who this man is” meme as she recognized Succession‘s Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox). “I do know that man,” she said, to any meme-lover’s joy. “He also would not have his kids dip it, he would probably only have that wife dip it. She’s the only lady she trusts. He would have her dip it for him.”

Decidedly Palmer’s a master at many things, including everything when it comes to dip and Doritos. And she also has her own brand of big energy, Big Keke Energy. Watch the exclusive video interview above to find out for yourself.

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