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The Cast of Sanditon Gets Stumped By Series Trivia & Test Their Jane Austen Knowledge

If you’re a fan of Jane Austen adaptations (and we certainly are), then you’ll likely know every screen iteration of Austen’s beloved books is rife with details straight from the pages of her romantic stories. But say you’re wholly immersed in these tales — as in, you star in one of those very adaptations. Think you’d be able to recall particular aesthetic features or plot points? Well, SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas put the cast of Sanditon, including Rose Williams, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, and Tom Weston-Jones, to the test just ahead of the second season finale, and you might be surprised when you find out which of the cast members was dubbed the Hermione of the group following our line of questioning.

During our chat with the company of actors, we went deep into the little details of the beloved British series that only a true super fan (or a star of the show) could know. From the animal on the floor of Lady Denham’s (Anne Reid) home, to the number of siblings Charlotte has — which, we have to admit, Williams correctly called us out on — down to the number of chapters Austen wrote of Sanditon  before she died in July 1817, stumping this cast was a challenge.

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While we don’t want to call out anyone in particular, it was pretty clear by the end of our time with the Sanditon cast that Williams was the true Hermione of the bunch, as Weston-Jones so astutely noted. “Hermione, do you want to take it?” Weston-Jones playfully asked. As it turns out, Williams knew Austen wrote only 11 chapters of Sanditon prior to the author’s death.

Loved this video? Watch more of our conversation with the cast of Sanditon on our official YouTube channel. Wonder who Charlotte should pick? Lloyd-Hughes and Weston-Jones try to convince her with Sanditon: Dating Profiles. The cast also plays a round of Sanditon: Would You Rather.

Now that we’ve shared a laugh with our favorite cast members, it’s time to turn our sights back on the quiet fishing town of Sanditon, and all the drama that’s brewing in this final installment of season 2. The second season finale of Sanditon is finally here, and we’re eager to see what the future holds for Charlotte and company.

The last episode of season 2 teases Alison’s departure from Sanditon as her aspirations to find love burn out. Meanwhile, Charlotte ponders what the future holds for her, as truths are revealed once long-held secrets come undone. If you’re yearning to see what comes next, and want to catch up with previous episodes before the finale even if you don’t have access to PBS, check out all the episodes on The PBS MASTERPIECE Prime Video Channel . Don’t miss another second of this stirring series.

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