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Shining Vale Stars Courteney Cox & Greg Kinnear Are Having Fun Getting Older

We’re all about embracing change, getting a fresh lease on life, and writing a new chapter to our story. But here’s the thing: if this new phase in our life includes sharing a haunted house with our family, we may have to respectfully stay among the living. Thankfully, Courteney Cox and Greg Kinnear are bringing hilarity to the horror genre with their new TV series Shining Vale. Produced by Sharon Horgan (CatastropheDivorce), the new series premiering on Starz on March 6 tells the story of the Phelps family, who move to a small town and take up residence in a haunted house during a pivotal point in wife Pat (Cox) and husband Terry’s (Kinnear) marriage. The nuclear family settles into their new abode, but there’s something amiss that only Pat seems to notice — she’s convinced the Phelps family isn’t alone.

For acting veterans like Cox and Kinnear, taking on Shining Vale was an exciting opportunity. “I got to play so many things that I didn’t think I would ever be able to,” Cox shared with SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas during her exclusive chat with the actress and Kinnear. “That made getting older actually fun!”

Indeed, both Cox and Kinnear are tackling roles that feel really true for this point in their careers — and their lives.

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What’s more, the co-stars see in each other a discipline, craft, and verve they were so excited about when they first met, and those qualities made working together even more of a joy. “He’s funny, he’s fun, he’s silly. He is dedicated; he really cares about his work, but he knows how to cut-up.”

It was an actorly match made in heaven — or in this case a haunted house.

“I just thought she’d be wonderful in this, and she really was,” Kinnear said of his co-star. “She carries it off quite effortlessly — [she] takes it seriously.” Not to mention, it’s nice that Kinnear and Cox can enjoy a martini at the smokehouse at the end of a long shoot. Check out our exclusive interview with Courteney Cox and Greg Kinnear!

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