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Exclusive: Lauren Lyle & César Domboy Tease a Dark Season 6 & Test Who Knows Outlander Better

Outlander has many couples fans have loved over the years, from Jamie and Claire Fraser (Sam Heughan and Caitríona Balfe), the show’s anchor love story, to Fergus and Marsali (César Domboy and Lauren Lyle), who made waves when they eloped on a boat. Last we left Fergus and Marsali, their characters had been through some serious family trauma, plus welcomed another baby. We caught up with Domboy and Lyle to find out what happens to their characters in the upcoming sixth season of Outlander: and, well, it’s kind of more of the same. Trauma and babies. Ahhh Outlander, you never disappoint. And you always provide a reason to grab tissues, wine, whisky, and water. Yes, water. Crying is very dehydrating. Lyle and Domboy also revealed what their favorite episodes are this season, told us why the Outlander set is so safe, supportive, and fun, and, of course, we tested them with a little Outlander trivia. Watch the exclusive video above to find out what trouble Fergus and Marsali will be getting into.

We decided to kick off our chat with which episode in season 6 is their favorite. It seems Lyle’s favorite episode was Domboy’s least favorite. Lyle hints that it’s something she’s been begging executive producer Matthew B. Roberts for for a while. (Is it to have her character not be pregnant for 5 minutes? Doubtful). But Lyle hints it does involve a baby. Domboy’s favorite episode is the fourth episode because we see Fergus in a way we never have before and it “raises the stakes,” and gave him the opportunity to act alongside Caitríona Balfe.

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Caitríona Balfe and César Domboy – Did Claire Fraser bring a cell phone back from the future? Starz/Robert Wilson

Funnily enough, Fergus and Marsali have the most children on the show, yet are the only couple who haven’t really had a proper love scene, on a show known for its love scenes. This season, there’s a scene that required an intimacy coordinator, involving Domboy and Lyle. (Balfe’s Claire Fraser is there too, but not the way it seems!) We can’t say much, but Domboy does jokingly describe filming it as “kinky” and “embarrassing.” Both Domboy and Lyle raved about how safe the Outlander set is, and how, even when they have challenging scenes, they get to act alongside their friends and always feel supported.

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Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan Starz/David Bloomer

We decided to test Domboy and Lyle’s knowledge on their show by seeing who knew Outlander better. From who tried to kill Claire Fraser in season 1, to what Fergus’s real name is, to the name of Jamie and Claire’s baby that died, to Marsali’s “affectionate” name for Claire in season 3, to what the priest asked Fergus at their wedding, we asked them all.

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Nick Fletcher, César Domboy and Lauren Lyle Starz/David Bloomer

For nostalgia’s sake, we asked if they could describe their very first scene together. And let’s just say, one of them remembered it perfectly, and one of them did not remember it at all. Domboy also hints at something about Fergus that is in future seasons. Seems Domboy has read ahead in the Outlander book series. But we stopped him. You’re welcome. No spoilers, good sir.

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Lyle and Domboy are just as endearing to watch on screen as Fergus and Marsali. Except they have fewer babies. Zero to be exact, while Fergus and Marsali have 102 children. Watch the video to find out who knows Outlander best, and tune into Outlander on March 6 for the season 6 premiere.

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