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Exclusive: Lisa Vanderpump Reveals the VPR Cast Member Most Like Her After Filming Season 9

If there’s one thing Lisa Vanderpump will always have in spades, it’s confidence. Whether she’s designing her newest restaurant, dismissing a frenemy from her home, or decisively answering “Would You Rather” questions about Vanderpump Rules cast members, Lisa seems to have the gift of knowing exactly what she wants, and how to get it. The reality star-slash-restaurateur sat down with SheKnows’ Video VP Reshma Gopaldas to discuss whom she’d rather be stuck on an island with of the Vanderpump women, which Vanderpump cast member she’d sleep with (fine, it’s none, but wait ’til you hear her talk about George Clooney), and how she creates the ambience of luxury she carries with her everywhere — no matter how many dogs she may have draped on her in the moment.

Part of Lisa magic touch is a new partnership with Febreze, with whom she’s launched Febreze TOUCH fabric refresher sprays that she credits with keeping in check her many dogs’ effect on her furniture.

“It’s not just the way it looks, but the way it sounds,” Lisa tells Gopaldas of how she sets the scene in her home. “I have fresh flowers, candles, and Febreze, what I love about it, because I have a lot of dogs as well that do sleep on furniture and rugs and jump up on the beds and also I do a lot of cooking and in the kitchen as well with the sofas, Febreze gives this really kind of fresh smell.”

Watch the full video above for more of Lisa’s tricks, plus her unvarnished thoughts on what we’ll see in VPR season 9 from Lala, Scheana, and all their babies!

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