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Exclusive: Tia Mowry Reached Out to Doja Cat With This Unexpected Message After Her Song ‘Tia, Tamera’

Tia Mowry and twin sister Tamera Mowry gave us the gift of Sister, Sister at just 16 years old, and the world will never let them forget it — much to their delight. Over 20 years since the classic sitcom went off the air, SheKnows’ Video VP Reshma Gopaldas sat down with Tia Mowry to test just how much of her knowledge of those seminal days remains — and, of course, to address one other recent pop culture shrine to the Mowry sisters: Doja Cat’s certified banger “Tia, Tamera.”

While Mowry has had a massive entertainment career between her days on Sister, Sister and now including nine years on The Gametwo Twitches movies, and three-season reality show Tia & Tamera, her memory of her teen sitcom’s jokes, nicknames, and plot points is still pretty darn impressive — though she does have to phone a friend on a particularly tricky question while playing Sister, Sister trivia with Gopaldas. Which friend does she ring? We’ll give you one guess…yep! Tamera. They don’t call it twintuition for nothing!

Then there’s Mowry’s take on Doja Cat’s “Tia, Tamera,” the chorus of which name-checks the Mowry ladies with the line “my twins big like Tia, Tamera.” While singing the lyric for SheKnows’ Gopaldas, Mowry seemed to have a revelation about what “twins” Doja Cat might be referring to — though she swears a second later that she was up on the reference all along.

“No wait, I did know that! Because I remember — the word “big,” I just didn’t compute that,” she tells Gopaldas. “But I remember when the song first came out I was breastfeeding my daughter Cairo and I was actually pumping when I first heard the song and I actually wrote Doja Cat on her Instagram and I told her, ‘thank you so much for keeping me motivated while pumping.'”

That’s high, high praise and we hope Doja Cat enjoyed it. Tia welcomed her daughter Cairo with husband Cory Hardrict back in 2018, seven years after welcoming their first child Cree in 2011. The family of four is headed back to school this fall, and we’re hoping Mowry finds just as much motivation in listening to Doja through these parenting trials as she did while breastfeeding. Every new mom deserves a personalized anthem, but it’s especially fair that Tia and Tamera Mowry should have one in their honor.

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