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‘Queer Eye’s’ Tan France Talks About His Post Pandemic Wardrobe and Becoming a Dad

Life is about to get even busier for Queer Eye’s Tan France, who is expecting a baby boy this summer with his husband Rob France. Welcome to the parents club! The TV personality, designer, and style guru caught up with SheKnows recently and talked about the exciting news, plus tips on your post-pandemic wardrobe. Because, after being hermits at home for a year, we could all use a little guidance. So what can help us get ready to see the world again?

“There’s not one particular thing, per se, like, ‘I recommend this jacket from this place. It’s that one thing that makes you feel good about yourself. For me, it’s jewelry. If I just have a ring on or a necklace on or something that just makes me feel like, ‘Oh, I would normally wear this out of the house and it feels a little bit extra to wear it in the house’ that makes me feel better,” said France, who is partnering with Starbucks for one other thing that will make re-entry to the office easier — Premium Instant Coffee. As part of the brand’s “Stir It Up” campaign, France is on a mission to add a little wow to your routine.

And then there are also certain sartorial pieces that can give you just a little oomph and elevate your look — cue the duster coat. “If I put that on, I’m going to feel so chic and feel like I can walk down the street of New York or London and feel chic, even though I’ve got the same T-shirt and sweats on that I’ve been wearing all day. That one extra piece just makes it feel like an outfit,” said the 38-year-old soon-to-be dad.

While he didn’t reveal his son’s due date, he did share what he will be dressing him in: plain onesies. Yes, you read that right. No fancy children’s clothing in the France house, at least for now.

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