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Niecy Nash Betts Talks About Why Having a ‘Hersband’ Is So Much Better Than a Husband & More

Actress, comedian and newlywed Niecy Nash Betts sat down with SheKnows Editor-in-Chief Eugenia Miranda Richman to talk about her recent marriage to musician Jessica Betts, parenting, and much more. Nash Betts, who is partnering with Charmin on an AI powered avatar that can help users navigate tricky situations when they work from home, said the pandemic allowed her to really get to know her new “hersband” better than ever.

The two had been friends for many years and decided to tie the knot on Aug. 29, 2020, after their relationship evolved romantically. “You really get to know someone, when you are together 24 hours a day,” she said of her time in lockdown with her new spouse. “I don’t think that the best thing has to do with gender. I’m married to a beautiful soul, and that’s the best thing for me,” she said.

As for relationship advice, she said, “You need to choose who you want to see by your side when the rough times come.” When it comes to parenting, she said her kids invite her to think differently. Because when she was complaining that her daughter’s father took her best years from her, “She reminded me, ‘Were those really your good years, because you didn’t even seem happy.’ ”


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