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Meghan Trainor Blames Her Parents (18 Years Later) for This Embarrassing On-Stage Moment

If Christmas were a person, Meghan Trainor would be Christmas. When I sat down to interview Meghan and saw her adorable pink sweatshirt and scrunchie, and the ornament-filled Christmas tree already put up, I knew her holiday cheer would come through our zoom call and smack me in the face rather quickly. It did and I loved it.

Meghan, the newest ambassador for Safeguard handsoap, just released her new holiday album, A Very Trainor Christmas, and thankfully, was an open book. So, when I decided to ask her a series of very important questions, well, she was game. For starters, I wanted to know if she was forced to give up pizza for a year, or sex for a year (because yes, that’s a probable scenario) which would she choose? She chose pizza, a choice I loved watching her make.

Meghan also opened up about what it was like being pregnant stuck at home with her family these last few months while in quarantine. “A lot of my friends are like, ‘I can’t stand being with my family for too long’. But I’m lucky, I’m the opposite. They’re my best friends,” she said. “I live with my two brothers, like all year, every day. And my parents are four minutes down the street, so they basically live with us, too,” Meghan continued. “These are the humans I quarantined with. I was trapped with them and I loved it.”

And because what would the interview be without my asking her to tell us something she’d never told anyone else ever before? She actually told us an embarrassing story from her childhood.

“I was like 8, I was uncomfortable. I was very young,” Meghan said of performing at an annual charity event her parents hosted in her hometown of Nantucket. “The worst part was my outfit,” she said. “I blame my mother and my father for letting me go on the stage…with cheetah pants. They were too tight for me so I had the sweetest little gut hanging over them. I had this little white t-shirt. I was just growing up. And there was no sort of undershirt, a lot was showing. And I just was like, ‘Who let this happen?'”

Oh, the joys of childhood. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

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