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EXCLUSIVE: Why Rachel Bloom Might Not Tell Her Newborn Daughter She’s in Trolls World Tour

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom has had a crazy year — and she wouldn’t change a thing. Smash hit kids movie Trolls World Tourin which Bloom stars alongside Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, is out on DVD this week, and the actress is opening up about what it meant to her to join the Trolls family. In an exclusive interview with SheKnows, Bloom got candid about the birth of her and husband Dan Gregor’s baby daughter and her subsequent stay in the NICU, a series of events that changed the actress’ perspective forever. Now that her daughter is safely home, Bloom can’t stop thinking about the world she wants her baby girl to experience — and somewhat surprisingly, that might not start with watching mom tear it up in Trolls World Tour.

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It’s not that Bloom isn’t proud of her work in Trolls World Tour — in fact, it’s exactly the kind of role she’s hoped to land for years. “I got this from auditioning which I was very proud of,” she told SheKnows’ Entertainment Editor Sara Kitnick, adding: “I was excited to play a strong female character. Even though she is a villain she’s really cool and I like the idea of kids looking up to her and wanting to get into rock themselves.”

So, why isn’t her daughter at the top of that list? Ever-modest Bloom insists that she’s excited to show her daughter Trolls World Tour — just not to focus on mom’s performance.

“The fact I’m in it, is kind of the least interesting part of sharing all this with her,” she explained. “It’s all about how our differences make us special, and how it’s okay to be different and we can all come together as one. The visuals are stunning. I can’t wait to talk about how the artists are the heroes of this movie.”

Of course, Bloom still hopes that her voice will have some impact on her daughter, and adds that she’s in two other kids’ movies with which she hopes to impress her baby girl. But Bloom emphasizing the message of working together and loving everyone’s differences is so powerful — and honestly, will likely stick with her daughter longer than the actress pointing out “look! There’s mommy!” (although she should definitely do that too).

Bloom doesn’t just feel differently about the projects she’s been in since having her daughter. Now that she’s a new mom, she’s seeing everything through new eyes.

“I expected to feel feelings I never felt before and I am,” she said. “There are a lot of things I get now when I watch movies. I use to identify more with the kids but now I identify with the parents…there is so much I understand now about the worry and anguish of having a kid. And having a kid in the NICU was a real quick way to suddenly understand media about being a parent that I hadn’t.”

It’s one of the quickest things you find out as a mom, and one of the scariest: when your child hurts, you hurt too, a thousand times over. “The anguish, the worry, the heartbreak when your kid is sick or wounded or isn’t happy, I emotionally get it [now],” Bloom added. “Being in the NICU was the most intense 2 weeks by far of mine or my husband’s life.”

While Bloom and Gregor won’t forget those two weeks anytime soon, they’re hoping to build a different kind of lasting memory for their daughter. “I know how impactful animated movies were to me as a kid,” Bloom shared. With any luck, her daughter will feel the same about Trolls World Tour and more.

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