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A Look Inside Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa’s Beautiful Family Life

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuleos met on the set of All My Children in 1995 and the following year eloped to Las Vegas — and while the Live With Kelly and Ryan host has shared that her and hubby Mark have had their fair share of fights over the years (because who doesn’t?), more than two decades and three kids later the two lovebirds are happier than ever.

In an exclusive interview with SheKnows in partnership with Persona, Ripa explains her secret to looking so great on camera, as well as a few marriage secrets, oh-so-relatable mom moments, and how different she and Mark’s parenting styles are.

So while the years continue to pass, by the looks of their Instagram accounts you’d have to do a double-take to realize that no, that photo wasn’t posted yesterday but rather 20 years ago — when asked how they keep getting hotter with age, Ripa laughed, “Well, he does,” she said.

“You just sort of learn things along the way. I think it’s harder for women as we age because there’s this weird thing that we’re expected to be frozen in time almost. I just find that preposterous — having said that, I do everything I can to fight the fight.”

Kelly also shared that she and Mark each have a different style of parenting, especially when it comes to teaching the kids how to drive. “We are very different when it comes to teaching the kids how to drive. The kids want me to teach them how to drive. I don’t think any parent should teach their kids how to drive. I think they should go to driving school for that. But all of my kids, when learning how to drive always say ‘you don’t yell as much as dad does’ because apparently Mark yells when he’es teaching the kids how to drive. I just think that’s a dad thing — I remember my dad yelling at me when I was learning how to drive. They go from zero to 100 very quickly.”

And when asked if Lola, Joaquin, or Michael listen to any of their parenting advice Kelly quipped, “Absolutely very rarely do they listen to any advice we have. I think our boys listen to our advice a lot more than our daughter, but our daughter is a lot more likely to tell us that we were right when she’s made a mistake she’ll say, ‘you were right, I should have done x,y, or z’.”

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Kelly also shared a piece of marriage advice that she swears by — that if you just take a minute, you’ll realize that what you’re fighting over is not the end of the world. “You don’t have to be right all the time, take it from me, I am and it’s a burden…but sometimes my husband has to think he’s right. It’s just compromising. It’s really, it’s the stuff that everybody has always said but you really have to actually apply it. You have to apply compromise, active compromise. But if you are just fighting over nonsense it’s just nonsense and it will go away. You’ll have new nonsense to fight over next year. And if you get to where we are right now, we have such a shared history with each other and it really matters, it matters.”

Yes, yes it does.

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