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Exclusive: Watch Ellie Kemper Play The Office Trivia (Yes, We Asked About Scott’s Tots!)

While losing Friends on Netflix has been hard, there’s another hit coming that we’re dreading even more: when The Office leaves Netflix in 2021. Rain or shine, happy or sad, The Office is our go-to show (which we basically have memorized). So, does Ellie Kemper (AKA Erin Hannon) know the show as well as we do? Watch Kemper play Office trivia with us to find out.

Starting off real simple, we asked Kemper what Erin’s real name is and why she had to change it. We followed up with a few more classic Erin moments, like Andy’s 12 Days of Christmas gifts, Café Disco (which is one of  Kemper’s favorite episodes), and details about Erin’s childhood. And of course, some general Office trivia, just to make sure she paid attention to her co-stars’ plotlines too.

While Kemper said she’d be terrible at this game, we were actually pretty impressed — not only did she remember a ton about the show, she performed a rendition of “Hey Mr. Scott” from the world’s most cringeworthy episode of television, “Scott’s Tots.”

Kemper, like Erin, is goofy, bubbly, and up for anything — but did she pass our Office superfan test? Watch the video and judge for yourself.

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