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Exclusive: Billy Porter Doesn’t Know if He’ll Be Nominated for a Golden Globe This Year — But He Plans on Looking ‘Fierce’ Either Way

Given the chance to shop in any celeb’s closet, who would you choose? A certain star from Netflix’s Pose is high on our list. After his jaw-dropping 2019 red carpet looks, we couldn’t help but ask Billy Porter what he’s wearing to the Golden Globes, coming up in January 2020. We’ll break the news now: He couldn’t exactly give us a detailed rundown. But his award show philosophy is one we can definitely get behind.

And While Porter’s looks turn heads daily, we’ve got two in mind that we can’t stop thinking about: his Oscars tuxedo gown and his Tonys uterus-patterned gender-fluid evening suit. When asked about the latter ensemble on the red carpet, Porter told The Hollywood Reporter that it was a decidedly political statement.

“Women’s rights are under attack right now,” the Netflix star said at the time. “I’m an advocate for all who are disenfranchised. None of us are free until we’re all free!”

So, what did Porter say when asked about his Golden Globes look? “It’s very strange to be working on something when you haven’t even been nominated yet,” the actor laughed. “I may be going to the Golden Globes, I may not be…just know it’s going to be fierce.” As if there was any doubt!

As for the process of putting together these designs: “It comes fast, it comes furious,” said Porter. “I want you to be surprised.”

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