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Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Halloween, Showing Buffy to Her Kids, and Her Latest ‘Career High’

Sorry, Ryan Reynolds: Sarah Michelle Gellar isn’t down for her 7-year-old dressing up like you. We found out that Rocky James Prinze has been eyeing a Deadpool costume when we sat down with Gellar to talk Halloween costumes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and raising her two young kids Rocky and 10-year-old Charlotte.

With Halloween right around the corner, we started in with the important questions: What will the Prinze-Geller family be dressing up as?! Sadly, Gellar confirmed that they’re not planning an elaborate family costume — but Rocky and Charlotte do have a few bright ideas about who they’d like to be.

“My daughter wants to be Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon,” Gellar tells SheKnows. “And my son changes his mind weekly. This week it was Pokémon, last week it was Deadpool, which — I don’t even know how he knows who Deadpool is. He is not watching Deadpool, I guarantee you he has never seen Deadpool. No offense, Ryan Reynolds, you’re awesome. I love the movie. My 7-year-old’s not watching it.”

With two young kids, Gellar knows the struggle of keeping the family happy and healthy through the holidays. To that end, she’s partnered with Lysol’s Here For Healthy Schools campaign, which focuses on building healthy habits early on.

“I always say you have to lead by example. So, as opposed to telling kids to wash their hands, go wash your hands! You wash your hands, your kids will wash their hands,” the actress advises. “Why should you just clean up a classroom? Why shouldn’t children help clean up a classroom and take ownership that this is theirs and they’re all part of the community?”

For more on Gellar’s family life, new TV show, and stars she’d love to work with again, watch the full video above.

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