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Kim Raver Answered Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions & Told Us Who Teddy Should End Up With

When it comes to Grey’s Anatomy trivia, there are plenty of superfans who have every detail down pat — but we wanted to put one of the show’s own stars to the test. Luckily, we got one to agree: Kim Raver played Grey’s Anatomy trivia and said she’s rooting for Teddy and Owen while chatting with SheKnows, and the video is a must-see for any true Grey’s fan.

Raver’s Teddy Altman has been a defining factor of the Grey’s world for years, and last week’s Season 16 premiere showed her in her most dramatic love triangle yet. Naturally, we had lots of questions for Raver on where she thinks Teddy’s story should go next. Playing against SHE Media Editor-in-Chief Justine Goodman, Raver seriously impressed us with her Grey’s knowledge, and surprised us with her own theories about the show.

The questions start simple — Who did Derek pick in Season 2? Where did Teddy and Owen conceive their baby? — but the real insight comes when Raver is asked whether Teddy and Owen will actually last. “We were in a love triangle last season and now we’re entering a new love triangle,” the actress explains, “and I like the stickiness of it! Teddy and Owen have been so long in the making that I think that they are really perfect for each other.”

She acknowledges, at least, that this a controversial opinion: “I know that fans [also like] what’s happening with Tom,” she says, “so I’m being a little cryptic.” Find out what else Raver had to say on the full video above.

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