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Exclusive: Anna Faris on Potty Training Son Jack & the Parenting Moments She’ll Never Forget

Anna Faris is many things: actor, podcast host, author and mom to 7-year-old Jack Pratt, to name a few. So, when SheKnows sat down with Faris to talk about messy parenting moments and working mom challenges, we knew she’d have a lot to say — and that she’d absolutely crack us up along the way. Faris didn’t disappoint: from tales of toilet training young Jack to behind-the-scenes tidbits of her ongoing series Mom, Faris was as hilarious, refreshingly honest and keenly observant as we expected.

As we settle into back-to-school season, Faris is partnering with Clorox, a brand she says has been a “lifeline” when it comes to cleaning up after Jack. But Faris feels passionate about more than the brand’s cleaning power: Clorox has recently partnered with DonorsChoose, a nonprofit organization that allows you to donate to public school classrooms, and is donating $150,000 to this cause to, as Faris puts it, “help create a safe, clean working space so kids can feel more creative and productive.” That’s certainly a mission we can get behind!

As Faris well knows, it can be tricky to keep kids’ spaces sparkling clean. A prime example: her ongoing attempts to help toilet train Jack, who she thinks either “doesn’t have the best aim” or is “very mischievous” and messing with her on purpose. And parenting isn’t just messy on a literal level. Faris digs deep about the “societal guilt” working parents — and really, all parents — face, wondering: “Am I doing things right? How do I do things better?”

If you figure it out, Anna — let us know!

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