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Matthew Morrison Reflects on the Cultural Legacy Glee Left Behind

Happy 10th birthday to Glee!

It’s been a decade since the musical dramedy about high school misfits finding their escape in music first debuted on Fox. Looking at the show’s cultural impact seems quaint by 2019 standards, but when it first hit the screens in 2009, woke didn’t mean what it does today. In fact, Glee‘s impactful storytelling of modern-day teenagehood did more for visibility and awareness of LGBTQ issues, differently abled people, body-shaming, bullying and substance abuse. And that’s just off the top of our head.

We sat down with Matthew Morrison aka Mr. Schuster, ahead of the show’s 10th anniversary on May 19 to talk all things Glee and finally get answers to all our burning questions. Who was his favorite guest star? What was his least favorite song from the series? Also, umm, does he regret singing the “Thong Song”?

So, would he ever do a reboot?  “I think it happened in this perfect bubble in this perfect time. There’s a lot of pain that we still have from that show as well,” Morrison says, no doubt referencing the deaths of costars Cory Monteith and Mark Salling. “The thing that I look back fondly on with Glee is the people that we touched. The people that still come up to me now to say ‘you helped me come out when I was in high school’ or ‘you helped me get over being bullied.’ To have real life impact on people was the best thing I take away from that show.”

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