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Matthew Morrison Knows Exactly How Grey’s Anatomy Could Bring Him Back

As another emotional season of Grey’s Anatomy comes to an end, the only question on every fan’s mind is: who is the next to die? Over the last 15 years, the Shondaland medical drama has done a great job of making us fall in love with a character and then ripping our hearts out when they die a tragic death. With several characters on the line during the season 15 season finale, tensions are high.

One person who knows what that pressure feels like is Matthew Morrison, who played Paul Stadler, the divisive doctor with a violent and dangerous streak. Okay, so maybe no one was sad to see him go, but Morrison sure had a ton of fun playing the evil surgeon.

“To be able to go on Grey’s Anatomy and play a manipulator, a liar…it was awesome!” Morrison quipped when he sat down with SheKnows to talk all things Grey’s. “I had so much fun. My time on Grey’s Anatomy was huge for me. Its easier to do a role like that than it is to do a Mr. Schuster which is a little closer to what I am,” the actor and Broadway veteran said, reflecting on his beloved Glee character.

So, was he surprised when they killed him off so quickly? Umm, yes!. “They killed my character off within four episodes!” While Morrison understands there were narrative reasons for Paul getting the axe, he adds that Grey’s writers may have regretted their decision, telling him they had fallen in love with his character along the way.

But not all hope is lost. Morrison knows just how he can make a big comeback to Grey Sloan Memorial: “Maybe he has a twin brother out there,” he laughs.

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