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Can Angela Kinsey & Brian Baumgartner Pass This Über Difficult ‘Office’ Trivia Quiz?

Two of the finest accountants who have ever worked for Dunder Mifflin are ready to show you how to have fun at the office without pulling a Meredith and regretting it in the morning. That’s right: actors Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner, who respectively played Angela and Kevin on The Office for nine seasons, chatted with SheKnows to answer fun questions about their Office characters and tell us about “Bring Your Beer to Work Day” as part of their partnership with Heineken’s new non-alcoholic beer, 0.0.

Wait… Beer? In the office? Okay, you have my attention. What’s this all about?

Well, as Kinsey and Baumgartner know after working together for nearly a decade on the hit TV show as well as pretending to work at the Scranton branch of paper company Dunder Mifflin, the daily grind in the land of cubicles, ringing phones and unplanned conference room meetings can get to you pretty quickly. Sometimes, you want to hang out with your coworkers in between pranking them with Jell-O staplers. Or maybe, you just want to let loose at the office Christmas party and your boss’s special “Orange Vodjuice” cocktail won’t cut it. Enter: Heineken’s newest non-alcoholic beer, which Kinsey and Baumgartner proved is both delicious and fun to enjoy during the workday when they played our special Office-themed quiz.

The rules are simple: Answer a question about Angela or Kevin from any Office episode and if you get it right, awesome. If you get it wrong, you have to take a sip of beer.

So, take a cue from Kinsey and Baumgartner and crack open a non-alcoholic Heineken at your desk. We promise not to tell Toby over in HR.

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