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Shondaland just scored big, buying the rights to Luvvie Ajayi’s book

Oh, hey. Sorry to interrupt your busy day, but did you hear? Shonda Rhimes is only developing a TV show (or some other awesome media if our suspicions are right) based on Luvvie Ajayi’s book, I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual. You know Luvvie Ajayi, right? She’s been a BlogHer badass since way back in 2010 when presidents acted presidential and Jon Stewart was the old Samantha Bee.

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It would be an understatement to say we are thrilled one of our favorite contributors is getting some well-deserved love from Shondaland. But we can hardly say we’re surprised.

Shonda Rhimes’ production company has acquired the rights to Ajayi’s book, which features essays on everything from pop culture to politics. With her razor-sharp wit, she addresses all aspects of humanity — racism, bad internet etiquette, pigpens — with poignancy and realness. And as soon as Her Majesty, the Exalted Shonda Rhimes is ready to tell us just what she has planned for Ajayi’s relatable essays, it may be coming to a boobtube near you.

We took a minute — OK, fine… an hour — to put together this video so you can see why this is the best news we’ve heard in a heck of a long time.

Here are a few choice quotes for those of you who can’t find your earbuds but are too polite to just screw it and play the video anyway.

  • “I live in the intersection of comedy, activism and technology online. These are the spaces that I’m in, and I double-Dutch between them with the same level of real. Because I’m the person who says what you might be thinking but you dare not to because you have a filter.” — Luvvie Ajayi
  • “I think what is important to women is we shouldn’t stigmatize each other for being sexual beings.” — Luvvie Ajayi
  • “Stand in your words. Know it. When women put our energies together, we basically take over the world.” — Luvvie Ajayi

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You can hear more and see the considerable list of other publications who’ve given our girl some love in the video. But please join us in congratulating Luvvie Ajayi by tweeting @Luvvie or come see her as our keynote speaker at #BlogHer17 by buying tickets.

We like to think we discovered her first, but we doubt that’s how history Wikipedia will see things. Either way, if this goes how we think it’s going to, we have but one request. Luvvie, please remember that we knew you way back when you weren’t quite as famous, but we had zero doubt you were this badass.

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