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Grey’s Anatomy deleted scene proves there’s more love triangle drama to come

A newly released deleted scene from Grey’s Anatomy’s 12th season gives hope for a more solid Alex-Maggie friendship, while also foreshadowing the doomed finale turns for romantic couple Alex and Jo, and potential couple Maggie and Riggs.

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In the scene, which appears to be cut from episode 12×23 “At Last” (the box of bacon is a dead giveaway), Maggie talks to Alex about her crush on Riggs, revealing that what she likes about him is that he’s a real “adult” — not like her previous boyfriends or love interests, who have all seemed somewhat immature. Hearing about her feelings, Alex stops the car and encourages her to go after what she wants (clearly relating his own love life with hers). “You gotta take it. I mean, if you like the guy, you just got to make a stand and say it and take it. Or walk away,” Alex tells her, before adding, “I mean, come on, this is crazy, this has gone on too long. I mean, if you’re ready, you’re ready, you just go for it.”

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If you were watching the end of Season 12 and wondering when the moment was that Alex decided to truly throw caution to the wind and ask Jo to marry him, this is it. It seems that hearing about Maggie’s cautious approach to love pushed Alex to ditch his fears and “take it.” It’s a sweet scene that would have added to the already-full group of car scenes from Grey’s Anatomy’s last seasons. Car scenes, or carpool scenes depending on how you look at it, have become a delightful staple of the show, though mostly they tend to be sister bonding moments for Amelia, Meredith and Maggie. The Alex-Maggie heart to heart is also a nice callback to this scene when Alex gave Maggie a pep talk after a date told her she talked too much.

Of course, as we know, things didn’t end up working too well for Alex. As for Maggie, she’s definitely on the highway to heartbreak with her crush on Riggs. And while the deleted scene certainly sets up Alex’s big finale heartbreak, it also confirms that we’re not going to be getting rid of the Maggie-Riggs-Meredith love triangle anytime soon, which is a shame. I’m particularly opposed to love triangles that are two-thirds relatives. As a woman with two sisters, it’s just not cool. And I truly feel for Maggie in this moment. It’s obvious she’s on the losing end of this inevitable catastrophe. At least, actress Kelly McCreary seems to think so. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the new love triangle and finale reveal, she said, “I think [Maggie]’ll be devastated. I think she’ll be really, really sad. It’ll really hurt her to find out he and Meredith got together.”

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As Grey’s Anatomy prepares to launch it’s 13th — yes, 13th — season, things at Grey Sloan Memorial seem just as dramatic as ever. Let’s hope that, like in this scene, Alex and Maggie still find a way to be there for one another through their romantic ups and downs.

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