Being a diva can seriously derail your career — just ask Amanda Seales

There is a certain moment, right after a terrible thing happens, where you think this is the end and there is absolutely no way you’re ever going to be able to get back on track. It usually happens right after you’ve finished crying, remember what happened and then go through a whole wave of tears. It’s happened to you, it’s happened to me and it’s definitely happened to actress Amanda Seales.

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Seales was working as a host on MTV2, and because she wasn’t so seasoned in the industry, she found herself taking a lot of advice from people who probably didn’t have her best interest at heart. She remembers, “What ended up happening is that it made me look like I was difficult, it made me look like I was a diva in the negative sense of the word. From behaving in that way, I lost my job.”

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As most people do when they’re younger, she didn’t immediately see where she could make changes to her attitude to fix the way she was perceived. Luckily now, with 10 years of experience, she’s getting a second chance at her career.

Seales says the biggest lesson that she learned from her failure is that nothing is non-redeemable. She said, “Sometimes you think ‘Oh, my God, I’m never going to be able fix this. This is so terrible!’ And it’s like, sometimes you just kinda gotta get still and it’ll come to you. This is a world that’s constantly moving and changing and growing and you’re in it. So there’s always another possibility.”

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And she’s 100 percent right. How many times have we all believed that we were dealt a blow that we thought would be The One? That final blow that was going to end us as professionals or mothers or significant others. We’ve all felt them, and fortunately, we’ve all come back from them.

Well, that is, if you remember Seales’ one final piece of advice: “Just don’t be a dick.”


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