Mother’s Day shows Jennifer Aniston as a mom, and boy, is she strict

A lot of us know that being a single mom can be tough. In the new film Mother’s Day, Jennifer Aniston both succeeds and fails at the job, just as we all do in real life. Check out our exclusive clip featuring the ever-so-sexy Timothy Olyphant.

Mother’s Day is a comedic and heartfelt look at three generations of women, all trying to do the best they can with their families and careers while trying to nurture their own inner happiness. Well, at least sometimes.

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Sandy (Aniston), is a divorcée trying to raise her kids as a solo mom. Her ex-husband, Henry (Olyphant), helps out, but seems to easily undo the discipline she’s instilled in her boys, especially when it comes to junk food.

Twenty years ago, getting a box of doughnuts for breakfast would have totally acceptable. Nowadays? No way, unless the pastries are filled with kale and tofu.

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So, is Henry just a big kid himself who loves to indulge in sugary treats? Or is there something slightly more devious going on? We suspect that Henry may be trying to play the cool dad and let the boys get away with anything, including skipping underwear.

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In our exclusive clip, we see a freshly showered Sandy as she hurriedly tries to get the boys ready for school. Dealing with escapee insects from a desolate ant farm, Sandy is even more shocked when Peter (Brandon Spink) is about to shove a doughnut with pink frosting into his pie hole. As delicious as it looks, no respectable mom would let her kid eat fried dough for the most important meal of the day. When it comes to Dad, however, that’s another story.

Mother’s Day opens in theaters April 29 and also stars Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts.


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