The Fosters sneak peek: Watch Callie and Brandon’s beautiful duet

We always knew the kids on The Fosters were special for their ability to handle whatever challenges life throws at them, but Monday’s upcoming episode will prove just how amazing they all are in a completely different way.

The episode will showcase all of the Fosters’ talents when they stage a musical performance of R&J — a modern spin on Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet — composed by Brandon, who also serves as pianist throughout the production.

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Mariana stars in the play as Juliet — opposite ex-boyfriend Mat’s Romeo — but as you can see from the clip above, Callie’s obviously got some crazy good pipes on her as well. It’s also obvious that Brandon is intent on perfection while mastering his composition of the musical.

He really shouldn’t worry, however, because apparently, the performance is so great that the 35-minute musical in its entirety will soon be available on the Freeform app — along with an iTunes album featuring original songs sung by The Fosters cast.

If you’re worried the musical production of R&J will replace all of the juicy The Fosters drama that we all know and love, fret not. There’s still plenty of behind-the-scenes action with Mariana and Brandon that fills the rest of the episode, especially when it comes to Mariana’s current situation with Nick and Mat.

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The two worlds have collided,” The Fosters‘ co-creator, Bradley Bredeweg, told TVLine of how Mariana’s romantic storyline is reflected in R&J. “She’s never had closure with her and Mat’s relationship. To be going through this whole process of being in a play with him where they’re [playing] love interests has been very hard for her. He’s never wanted anything to do with her since [their break-up], and that’s been really hard for her. But you see over the progressing episodes that there is this undeniable love that they have for each other. So to be portraying these characters [in R&J] that are so close to what they are — [Mariana and Mat] have this forbidden attraction to each other now that they have other people in their lives — it’s going to be hard. I’m excited to see how it all unravels.”

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below featuring more teasers from The Foster‘s special musical episode.

The Fosters musical episode slideshow
Image: Freeform


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