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21 things you didn’t know about the cast of the Divergent series

Allegiant, the third movie in the Divergent series, opens in theaters this Friday, and we were lucky enough to sit down with the cast to get to know them better. From the super fascinating to the mundane, here’s what we found out.

1. Shailene Woodley is super intrigued by singer Patti Smith and poet Anaïs Nin

When we asked Woodley whose memories she’d like to access if she had her own dose of memory serum, she said Patti Smith or Anaïs Nin. “Both of those ladies had some wild experiences and it would be fascinating to see their experiences and the way they interpreted them from their perspective,” said Woodley.

2. Woodley would bring cheese if she got stuck in the Fringe

Woodley told us she’d also bring “food, water and a good buddy.”

3. The two causes for which Woodley would risk her life

She told us climate change and fighting for respect for women around the world would be worth dying for.

4. The advice Woodley would give to a person labeled “damaged”

“Of course you’re damaged; you’re a human being, but we’re all damaged. If we were pure, we probably wouldn’t be on this planet. We’re here to learn. I would say keep on truckin’ — you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing,” said Woodley.

5. Woodley’s favorite scene from the Divergent series

“The ferris wheel in Divergent. That was such a special night; there was a full moon, Theo and I were climbing up this ladder and it was freezing, but there’s something so special and nostalgic about looking back upon the fact that we got to climb up the Navy Pier ferris wheel.”

6. Woodley’s advice for good skin

“Don’t stress.”

7. The memories Theo James would most like to access

James said he would relive his grandfather’s memories. “He came from Greece and had a mysterious life.”

8. James is into drones

If James could have any of the technology from the Divergent series, he would choose personal drones.

9. The three items James would bring if he was stuck in the Fringe

“Army knife, pair of clean socks, breath mints.”

10. The tattoo James wants right now

“A unicorn at the base of my back.” Hmm, we’re not sure he was being totally serious with us.

11. The one thing James would risk his life for

He said it would be his family.

12. The one thing James would like to learn

“I’d like to learn to surf,” he said.

13. Miles Teller’s advice for anyone who’s been labeled “damaged”

“If you’re a kid and you feel like you don’t fit in — good! All the great artists in the history of the world always felt like they didn’t fit in.”

14. The one thing Teller would bring if he was stuck in the Fringe

“A Bluetooth music thing that doesn’t stop.”

15. The person’s memories Zoë Kravitz would most like to access

Jimi Hendrix.

16. The three things Kravitz would bring to the Fringe

“Food, music and Peter.”

17. Kravitz’s advice for someone labeled “damaged”

She said she would tell the person that “it’s not a real thing and you just have to be yourself.”

18. The person whose memories Naomi Watts would like to access

“Mother is a good place to start.”

19. The technology Watts would like to have from Divergent

“The protective bubble.”

20. The person whose memories Octavia Spencer would like to access

“Maybe my mom, because my mom passed away when I was 18.”

21. The tattoo Spencer wants right now

“A bald eagle because it is my spirit animal.”

Allegiant opens on March 18.

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