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Bringing Up Bates sneak peek at Michaela’s wedding is beautiful (VIDEO)

Get a sneak peek at Michaela Bates’ big wedding day before it airs on Bringing Up Bates on Feb. 4.

In this exclusive first look at Michaela and Brandon Keilen’s wedding, Michaela is anxious to see her husband-to-be.

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“Michaela has never seen herself as someone that wants to be in the limelight or the person at the center of attention,” Gil Bates, Michaela’s father, gushed to the cameras. “And she’s never viewed herself as lovely as we see her. And, yet, today on her wedding day, she’s the perfect picture of what we’d all consider a lovely bride.”

But despite her father’s sweet words and Michaela’s gorgeous appearance, the bride is more concerned with being with her almost-husband on their big day.

“I was literally dying to see Brandon,” Michaela explained.

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The two planned a special moment together prior to the ceremony, even though they decided not to see each other before Michaela’s walk down the aisle. So, with the help of the wedding party, the bride and groom stood on either side of a door but held hands around the frame, which allowed them to meet in the middle and pray together.

It was an absolutely beautiful and tear-worthy moment, especially afterwards when a very happy Brandon said, “I’m feeling really good right now. I just held the hand of the most amazing girl in the world.”

Brandon and Michaela both come from very conservative families. Their first kiss will be as man and wife during their wedding ceremony, and it’s no doubt a moment the show will highlight for us to see.

Of course, the couple was actually married back in August, but because of film delays we are just getting to see the wedding play out on their reality TV show.

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According to the Bates family Web site, Michaela and Brandon met over six years ago. As they got to know one another, their feelings grew until Brandon asked Michaela to officially begin a courtship with him on Dec. 20, 2013. The couple got engaged in April 2015.

Be sure to catch a special episode on Thursday, Jan. 28, at 9/8c, where Bringing Up Bates takes a look back at Michaela and Brandon’s relationship from Seasons 1 and 2. The wedding episode airs one week later, on Feb. 4, at 9/8c on UPtv.

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Image: UPtv

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