TLC’s Bible Bowl puts your favorite religious reality stars to shame (VIDEO)

TLC might have found their 19 Kids and Counting replacement, and it looks like it will be even more extreme than the Duggars.

The new show is called Bible Bowl follows teenagers who compete in heated trivia competitions, with questions all relating to the holy text.

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SheKnows nabbed an exclusive first look at the show, which premieres tonight, and you better get your fingers ready for some mad tweeting because there is no doubt this series is going to bring its fair share of controversy.

In the sneak peek, reigning National Champs Noah and Grace Johnson discuss their strategy for the new season of the competition.

Bible Bowl sneak peek
Image: TLC

Luckily, they have their mother and a practice buzzer to help them prep for the tournaments.

“Our mom is one of the top quiz masters in the nation,” Grace explains. “Everyone loves to be quizzed by Miss Glenda.”

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“Everyone loves Miss Glenda,” Noah echoes.

But Miss Glenda credits the fact that Grace and Noah have their own buzzer board to help them prepare for the competition and get their fingers a-flexin’.

“They’re getting that experience and preparing to play just as they do during the game,” Miss Glenda shares.

While dad John just wants the kids to have fun and do their best, mom loves to win. And these kids aren’t messing around with their Bible verses.

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Watch the sneak peek above to see Noah and Grace describe the secret of the National Championship Bible box trophy. That’s right, it’s so secret they couldn’t even show the cameras.

Do you think Bible Bowl sounds even crazier than 19 Kids and Counting?

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Image: Jessa Seewald/Instagram


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