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Survivor‘s Kimmi Kappenberg tells hilarious story about Joe Anglim

In our one-on-one red carpet interview with Kimmi, she explained how her own sons were more excited to watch Joe compete on Survivor: Second Chance than her.

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When Kimmi first entered the reality television realm, it was in the heyday of Survivor nearly 15 years ago on the show’s epic second season, Survivor: The Australian Outback. Although she was the fifth person booted from that season, her time on Survivor: Second Chance lasted much longer and she finished in sixth place.

She wasn’t given much air time this season until the final episode when she made a big play to try and get Jeremy Collins, the eventual winner, voted out of the competition. That scheme sparked a crazy, historic Tribal Council in which two hidden immunity idols were played. As a result, all the ballots were nullified, which ultimately led to Kimmi’s elimination. It was crazy stuff. During our red carpet interview with Kimmi at the finale, we asked her what it was like to be part of such a big Survivor moment.

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During our conversation, she told us a fantastic story about fan-favorite Joe. Just like the rest of America, her own sons fell in love with the “golden boy.” She said her boys would talk about wanting to watch more of Joe even though she was on the show herself. When she voted him off, they weren’t happy about it at all.

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Finally, we went way back to the infamous finger-waving chicken fight Kimmi had with Alicia Calaway during Season 2. Did Kimmi hear from Alicia after landing a spot on Second Chance? She answers that question and several others in our one-on-one red carpet interview.

Kimmi Kappenberg on the Survivor: Second Chance finale red carpet
Image: CBS

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What do you think of Kimmi’s comments? Do you think she could have won the game? What do you think of how her own family reacted to Joe being voted out of the game? Would you want to see Kimmi back in the future to play again? Join the conversation and leave a comment.

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