Survivor‘s Spencer Bledsoe relives that painful final Tribal Council

We had the opportunity to chat with Survivor: Second Chance runner-up Spencer Bledsoe on the red carpet immediately following the finale, where he explained how he’s been beating himself up for months since the show finished taping.

Spencer, a self-described Survivor superfan, made his way to the final three. But when he got the chance to plead his case to the jury, he was perceived as a bully and didn’t receive a single vote to win the game. Instead, Jeremy Collins had the biggest victory in the show’s 31 seasons with a 10-0 landslide over Spencer and Tasha Fox.

Why would somebody as strategic as Spencer allow himself to sit against somebody like Jeremy at the final vote instead of somebody like Abi-Maria Gomes? That’s one of the many questions we asked Spencer during our one-on-one conversation with him at the finale’s red carpet.

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Although the actual filming of the final Tribal Council happened months ago, the pain was still visible on Spencer’s face as we talked on the red carpet. It’s something he has been beating himself up over so much that he stopped watching the show after the episode in which Andrew Savage was blindsided. Our red carpet conversation about that moment brought us to discuss why Spencer has no immediate desire to play Survivor anytime soon.

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But it wasn’t all bad for him. Spencer really did show major growth moments during the Second Chance season. During the family visit, Spencer told his girlfriend he loved her for the very first time, which he says was his favorite element of the entire season.

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Plus, being a strategic player, was he insulted that Kelly Wiglesworth would base her jury vote on having the final three pick a random number between 1-10? Get that answer and so much more by watching our red carpet interview.

Spencer Bledsoe Survivor: Second Chance cast photo
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What are your thoughts on Spencer’s comments? Are you sad he doesn’t want to play Survivor again anytime soon? Are you surprised Spencer didn’t get any votes to win the game? What was your favorite Spencer moment? Join the conversation and leave a comment.


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