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Survivor‘s Tasha Fox shuts down ‘hate’ from Kass McQuillen & Jeff Varner

When it came to Tasha Fox, the Survivor: Second Chance runner-up was a polarizing personality for her 20 fellow castaways. While many enjoyed her friendship (like Savage), some have expressed their utter disgust with her as we interviewed each eliminated contestant.

Here’s a nugget of what Kass McQuillen had to say about her:

I wouldn’t even give Tasha the honor of being called a villain. She is just an angry, bitter person. There’s a difference between being a fun villain who is like, ‘Ha-ha, that’s fun. I’m causing trouble,’ and being a hate-fueled, vengeful person… I think there’s a difference between being a villain and being a genuinely nasty, mean person. Tasha has a chip on her shoulder that’s the size of a redwood tree. It’s still there and it’s sad.

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Here’s a sampling of what Jeff Varner had to say:

She uses Jesus as a scapegoat to justify her evil in this game. I just have such a fundamental problem with that… for her to be a Christian and to talk her big Christian talk and then go out there to use God as a scapegoat, I don’t know. Right now, Tasha is a big hypocrite to me. I really want this to be an experience that helps her not be so much.

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Suvivor Finale Interviews
Image: CBS

On the finale red carpet, we asked Tasha to respond to some of those comments being dished in her direction. Plus, was there any motivation behind her spelling people’s names wrong when voting them out at Tribal Council? Does she ever want to play Survivor again? Although she made it to the end of the game, she didn’t receive a single vote to win, so does she believe Jeremy Collins deserved to beat her and Spencer Bledsoe at the final Tribal Council? What’s her response to viewers who say she didn’t deserve to win because she didn’t play much of a strategic game?

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Watch the rest of our interviews from the Survivor finale red carpet, including our interview with winner Jeremy Collins.

Did you view Tasha as a villain? What’s your take on how she responded to the hatred dished against her? Would you ever want to watch her play the game again? Join the conversation and leave a comment.

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