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Survivor winner Jeremy Collins reveals how his $1 million is already spent

Jeremy Collins walked away the winner of Survivor: Second Chance with a landslide vote.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a list of five reasons explaining why I believed Jeremy Collins should win Survivor: Second Chance. Like many other viewers who felt he was getting a winner’s edit, I was right about him earning the top title because Jeremy won the season. But he didn’t just win, he owned all of it with the biggest Survivor blowout ever with a final vote of 10-0.

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Viewers were clearly thrilled with Jeremy winning the season because he continuously said he was playing for the benefit of his family. How could anybody vote against that? Although I believe Jeremy definitely was most deserving, I disagree with using that as part of the plea for jury votes. I have always argued somebody’s personal life story should never be considered when it comes to voting for or against a castaway to win the game. I truly believe a jury should be using their ballots to choose the player who they feel played the strongest game. Period. So, I asked Jeremy whether he feels telling the jury his story of being a firefighter father with a new son on the way is an acceptable argument for victory votes over the other two finalists, Spencer and Tasha.

Survivor's Jeremy Collins
Image: CBS

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Plus, we wanted to know his immediate spending plans with the $1 million grand prize, which triggered a perfect response. How did he believe his game evolved since the first time he played on Season 29? Does he ever want to play the game again? What about his big play by using one of his own hidden immunity idols to save Stephen? Watch all his answers in our red carpet video interview.

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Congrats, Jeremy!

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Are you surprised by anything Jeremy had to say? Do you think he was the most deserving player this season? Are you happy he won the game? Join the conversation and weigh in by leaving a comment now.

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