Christina Milian may be making a huge mistake by giving Ceraadi a second chance (VIDEO)

When Ceraadi rehearses for their performance with Milian at the Rose Bowl, her team begins to wonder if including them is a huge mistake.

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Christina Milian
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The last time Milian teamed up with fledgling girl group Ceraadi, things didn’t go so well. Here’s a brief refresher: In her attempt to mentor them, Milian invited the girls and their mom/manager, Sandra, into the studio to collaborate with producers Silent Killers. After Sandra got into a screaming fight with producer Ocean over his résumé and how engaged the girls were in what was happening, Milian, perpetually the peacemaker, gave the group the option to do what they came to do — record a song — or go. They decided to leave.

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In a preview for next week’s episode, it seems like Milian and her team have agreed to give Ceraadi another chance, and a big one at that — performing alongside Milian at the Rose Bowl. At a sound check at rehearsal, though, the group already seems to be falling apart. They didn’t bring shoes appropriate for rehearsal (instead, they’re wearing flip-flops, to the horror of JaQuel, Milian’s choreographer) and then proceed to complain that they were asked to come in makeup. Milian’s concerned that the girls don’t understand the magnitude of the performance — it’s a huge venue and not a “talent show.” Members of Milian’s team, including project manager Lauren and C.J., her creative director, question whether or not including them in the show is a good decision after noticing that they’re acting listless. Is it just nerves about performing at such a huge venue for the first time, or is it something more? Given the behavior we saw earlier from them, it’s a wonder that Milian’s willing to collaborate with them again at all, but maybe things will be different without Sandra around (or, at least, she is not included in this clip). Either way, it’s admirable that Milian’s so committed to mentoring and empowering young female musicians. Let’s hope Ceraadi can appreciate what she’s doing for them.

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What do you think about Christina Milian giving Ceraadi another chance? Can they pull off this performance?

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