Ladies of London‘s Caroline Stanbury created the best drinking game (VIDEO)

If you like to enjoy a nice adult beverage along with your Ladies of London, here’s some advice from Caroline Stanbury on how to make the most of your LOL viewing experience.

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In a new video from SheKnows, Ladies of London‘s Caroline Fleming has some ideas for a drinking game that should keep viewers looking out for classic LOL antics.

Drink every time: 

But it doesn’t end there! Be sure to watch the entire video for all the Ladies of London drinking game rules.

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Image: Bravo

Caroline thinks this should be enough for us all to be good and drunk. What would you add to the list? What about every time Annabelle mentions Alexander McQueen? Every time Jules references JUB snacks, yoga or Mapperton? How about every time Luke appears on the screen, and fans all over America swoon? Every time Caroline Fleming does something people think is inappropriate? Every time Sophie gets drunk and goes bananas at a party? Every time Juliet’s adorable kids appear on the screen? Every time Marissa references Top Dog. Every time the phrase “social climber” is uttered?

It’s a shame we have to wait until Season 3 (provided there is one) for opportunities to test out this game, but in the meantime, there are always reruns. Remember to drink responsibly, folks.

What would you include in a Ladies of London drinking game? What did you think of Caroline’s version? What are you excited for about Season 3?

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