Ladies of London superlatives: Caroline Stanbury dishes out the awards (VIDEO)

In an exclusive SheKnows video, Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury plays the superlative game, and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

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Caroline Stanbury will always tell you what she thinks, and this season of Ladies of London was no exception. (Remember when she told Julie Montagu that she wasn’t actually sorry while apologizing to her? The woman is fearless.) When asked to assign superlatives to each of the ladies, Caroline didn’t hold back. She was more than happy to tell who’s deserving of “most emotional,” “biggest flirt,” “best dressed,” etc. Of course, when asked who was most likely to get a spin-off, she nominated herself. (Take note, Bravo: There is no doubt that what the world needs now is a Caroline Stanbury spin-off that includes Sophie and Luke.)

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Here’s what she said when asked to play the superlatives game for SheKnows —

Most Dramatic: Julie Montagu (“Without a doubt.”) 

Considering their past, I’m not sure Julie would take so kindly to be called emotional and dramatic by Caroline, and there are most definitely others who could take that title. Did Caroline just succeed in stirring up a whole lot of trouble for Season 3?

Most Likely to Win the Noble Peace Prize: Caroline Stanbury or Annabelle Neilson

Most Likely to Cause a Scene: Juliet Angus

Watch the video and see Caroline play the whole game!

Image: Bravo

Do you agree with Caroline’s answers? Do you have different ideas?

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