Ladies of London‘s Caroline Stanbury answers tons of Season 3 questions (VIDEO)

Ladies of London Season 2 has ended, but Caroline Stanbury, the great, fabulous and stylish, is here to give you answers to the questions you’re up all night wondering about.

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If you were in a room with Caroline Stanbury and could ask her questions about this past season of Ladies of London, what would those questions be? Be honest. Do you want to know about her relationship with Juliet Angus? Does she think that time she straddled Juliet’s husband while wearing the unicorn-onesie was a bad move? How is she staying out of trouble after the end of Gift Library?

In this interview with SheKnows, Caroline tackles the answers to these questions and more (looking effortlessly coiffed, of course), including her obsession with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Don’t be surprised if she jumps ship and makes an appearance on the show, because she’d love to hang out with Lisa Rinna, Kyle, and Yolanda.

Caroline Stanbury
Image: Bravo

In regard to the show, Caroline’s not afraid to be honest about how she feels about the other women. She definitely thinks Marissa’s “faux pas” with Caroline Fleming (“Lock up your sons!”) was out of line. When asked about the trip to Denmark, during which Annabelle took the ladies to task about their, um, less-refined qualities, Caroline admitted that she herself had said things to individuals to their faces.

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Ladies of London doesn’t air in the U.K., so being in the US where it’s a phenomenon has been a little shocking for Caroline. She’d been in L.A. for only a short time when fans started recognizing her — in the interview she talks about what it was like to be screamed at by a viewer, trapped in a hotel elevator with three fans: “I’ve been here for five minutes and I’ve already done so much stopping for pictures. I didn’t expect it at all… it does sort of give me a fright every time someone screams in my face.” If you see Caroline on the street, LOL fans, be kind and proceed gently.

Like fans, Caroline would love another season of the show, although of course it’s been hard. She does consider the other ladies her friends, as opposed to other shows where groups of people are arbitrarily thrown together in the name of conflict. She’s also been thrilled to have Luke Henderson, heartthrob make-up artist, with her on the show. The two share an adorable moment at the end of the video that you won’t want to miss — involving something Caroline considers “so disgusting… I wouldn’t do that to my child.”

What do you think of Caroline’s opinions about the other women? Would you watch a Caroline Stanbury spin-off?

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