Vanderpump Rules drinking game: Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix explain the rules (VIDEO)

As if we didn’t already know that most of the Vanderpump Rules gang could drink us under the table, now we have solid proof with an amazingly ridiculous Pump Rules drinking game.

Keeping with the quickly expanding grand tradition of SheKnows reality show drinking games, Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix sat down with us to deliver insane rules to follow while drinking and Bravo TV-watching.

How can one possibly turn a reality show like Vanderpump Rules into an epic drinking game, you ask? With all of the drama and crazy characters that make up the cast, it’s really quite simple, actually.

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“People will get pretty effed up,” said Madix.

Especially if you’re following the rules while watching the new season of the Bravo show, which, according to Madix, ups the drama ante. Besides the addition of new castmates Lala Kent and Faith Stowers, Madix and Sandoval promise that Season 4 will be full of dramatic relationship issues galore.

And, of course, Kristen Doute is as entertaining as ever, which earns her her own rule regarding her antics. “Don’t drink too much,” warned Madix of the Kristen rule. “Yeah, pace yourself on that one,” Sandoval quickly agreed.

So, are you ready for this? Here are the rules.

Take a drink:

  • Anytime Jax contradicts himself
  • When Lisa asks someone a question
  • When Schwartz or Katie says “Bub,” “Bubbie” or “Bubba”
  • Anytime Kristen does something crazy while saying she’s not crazy
  • When Ariana makes a weird face or rolls her eyes

Waterfall around the table:

  • When Lisa asks someone a question and then cuts them off

Chug the rest of the bottle:

  • Whenever Stassi finally shows up

Whew! Are Madix and Sandoval trying to kill us with a good time? Maybe a little.

“Tune into Vanderpump Rules this season and enjoy those drinks,” said Sandoval.

Catch Vanderpump Rules at 9 p.m. Monday nights on Bravo.


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