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Coach Charming‘s Bill Alverson encourages contestant to love her curves (VIDEO)

Bill Alverson is at it again. This week on Coach Charming, Alverson spends time lifting up one contestant and explaining that she does not ever have to be ashamed of her body.

The clip starts off quite funny when Jessica, the young woman, walks in carrying her dress. It is a little confusing because she has all this material in her arms, and no shoes on her feet. Viewers aren’t quite sure what the dress is supposed to look like to begin with.

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Then Alverson points out to her that she doesn’t have shoes on, to which Jessica tells the cameras that he must think she is a “barefoot redneck.” When she drops her dress, viewers see it is actually a jumpsuit with a half-skirt. It also bares her midriff.

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Coach Charming asks her to show up and tell everyone, “I am woman — hear me roar.” She doesn’t look impressed, so he asks what she is worried about. She motions her hands over her belly, making it clear that she is not comfortable exposing skin, or that she finds her body is not good enough. He tells her, “You are curvy, you are voluptuous, you are woman, you are there. You’ve got to believe in it and sell it. And if you say, ‘I am insecure about who I am,’ you have completely eradicated your interview.”

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Jessica verbally agrees with Alverson, but when he sends her onstage to walk, he seems to think that there is still work to do, even telling her that if she comes out like that, she will lose the competition immediately.

Will Coach Charming‘s Bill Alverson be able to get through to Jessica and help her love herself so that she can have a shot at winning a pageant? This exclusive video clip shows he is definitely going to try.

Tune into Coach Charming tonight at 10/9c on TLC, and come back afterwards to read Bill Alverson’s exclusive blog for more of the inside story and great advice.

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