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EXCLUSIVE: Coach Charming delivers a powerful message against bullying

TLC’s new show, Coach Charming, highlights Bill Alverson, a small-town attorney who also happens to be an extremely sought after beauty pageant coach. Alverson is also a husband, father of three and soon-to-be grandfather.

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We have one word to say about Coach Charming from all of the previews we have seen: Hilarious. Not only is Alverson funny, but he is very opinionated and might sometimes seem as if he has crossed the line on his comments to beauty queen hopefuls, as well as his daughter-in-law. However, he is also loyal, committed and fierce when it comes to his job, the young women he has been hired to coach and especially his family.

It is a feel-good show that will have you laughing at Alverson’s interactions with his pregnant daughter-in-law, and crying over his sweet comments to the young women who have entrusted him to help them win all the biggest beauty pageants.

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In the clip above, Coach Charming hears through a private meeting with a girl’s mother that one of his pageant participants is getting a lot of hate from all around her. He finds out from her mother that there are some problems with bullying going on while they are on the road. He tells her that watching her during preparations that she looks like “she is about to crack.”

The girl tells Alverson she is getting bullied by people on her social media accounts, and it is happening every time she turns around. Alverson gives her very sound advice that all young women, no matter what they are doing in their lives, should take to heart. He said, “You are who you are. And if somebody doesn’t like that, screw them. You have real goals of who you want to be. A lot of kids your age don’t understand what they want to do tomorrow. Much less a goal. We can work to try to make them understand it. We can try to make them like us all we want to. But you can’t. Just be you.”

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Coach Charming premieres on TLC on Wednesday, Nov. 4, at 10/9c. Will you tune in?

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