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Elena’s Little Women: LA vow renewal doesn’t go quite as planned (VIDEO)

The Little Women: LA season finale is this week and everyone has a lot to celebrate.

While all the ladies and their significant others are having a ball in Hawaii and celebrating life in general, Elena has a little bit more than the rest of the women to celebrate. After all, it is what brought everyone to Hawaii in the first place. This week is finally the big vow renewal for Elena and her husband Preston that fans have been awaiting for the last several weeks.

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Elena has gathered her friends and family and planned a big, elaborate vacation to Hawaii, where she has orchestrated a romantic ceremony for her and Preston that everyone can be witness to. This day is important to Elena because when she first married Preston, none of her family could be there from Russia and she had very few friends to stand by her. There was as much put into this vow renewal ceremony as there would be put into an official wedding.

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However, the day does not go as planned. As Elena is beginning to get her hair done, her bestie and maid of honor Terra shows her a photo of her bouquet. There are shells in the bouquet and Elena is not happy. From the clip above, we can only assume that the shells are probably common in bouquets in Hawaii, but Elena specifically asked for the shells to not be there. Terra assures her that she is going to have it fixed and that Elena will love it, but Elena is still upset and wonders — rightly so — that if they can’t get the flowers right, what else will be wrong with the ceremony.

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Elena remains classy, however, as the video ends and shows that while it is a vow renewal, the fact that she and Preston are already technically married doesn’t mean that she does not have some of the same stress as other brides, or the same emotions.

Tune into the big Little Women: LA Season 3 finale on Wednesday at 9/8c, only on Lifetime.

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