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Paper Towns cast and crew reveal what Cara Delevingne is really like

What kind of girl could inspire a young man to leave his home in search of finding her with nothing but hope and a few clues to guide him? Apparently, the answer is Cara Delevingne, who so closely resembled her Paper Towns character that the part was hers from the moment she walked in the audition room.

One thing is clear from watching this exclusive interview with the creative team behind Paper TownsCara Delevingne is a lot like her character in the film.

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The film, adapted from a John Green novel of the same name, tells the story of a shy high school student named Quentin who decides to chase after the most popular girl in school, Margo, after she disappears. Before her disappearance, Margo recruits Quentin to help her prank “friends” who have betrayed her. Margo’s bold spirit seduces Quentin and emboldens him to search for her, even though he’s got only a few cryptic clues to go on.

Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolf in Paper Towns
Image: Michael Tackett/Twentieth Century Fox

According to the book’s author, “Margo is this larger-than-life girl, but she also has to be somewhat grounded in reality.” Green also added that Margo has “to be pretty impulsive, a little bit crazy,” and have “a kind of terrifying edge to her.” A tough description to be sure, and one that could lead the character to feel a bit unhinged, which is probably why Green stipulates that the character also “has to be fully human.”

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“Who is the girl that comes to your window at midnight, that you will jump out that window for, that you will drive 1,200 miles to go find?” asked the film’s director Jake Schreier. “Who motivates that to happen? Who has so much energy that she can wrap everyone up in her orbit?” According to Schreier, “Cara walked into the room, and it happened to the room.”

The film’s star, Nat Wolff, thinks a strong female character needs to be, “An honest female character which is multifaceted and has lots of faults and lots of great stuff.” Things he sees in Delevingne’s Margo.

Cara Delevingne in Paper Towns
Image: Michael Tackett/Twentieth Century Fox

Delevingne herself admits that she’s like the character. “Similarities between me and Margo are kind of weird. I used to be like that, this is something I’ve done.”

Scott Neustadter, the film’s screenwriter and executive producer, was also sold on Delevingne from the start. “I think you’d be hard pressed to find somebody ‘more Margo’ than Cara is. From her early auditions, there was just that elusive fascinating quality to her that only a few people ever in real life possess.”

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Paper Towns is available on Digital HD on Oct. 9, and on Blu-ray/DVD Oct. 20.

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