HTGAWM deleted scene shows Annalise’s despair in heartbreaking way (VIDEO)

Check out this exclusive How to Get Away with Murder deleted scene, which features a touching moment from a surprising character.

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Season 1 of the Shonda Rhimes-led show featured an Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) who was controlled and composed, but behind closed doors, that wasn’t always so.

In this just-released clip, Annalise’s husband has been missing now for quite some time. And while his sister is pointing the finger at Annalise, she’s hugging his pillow close to her chest and smelling it to remember Sam.

Now, we definitely saw the Keatings have their fair share of struggles. They were fighting, cheating on each other and growing apart. But in this one moment in the deleted scene, Annalise’s clear heartbreak over his death signifies that maybe things could have worked out for the couple.

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Sadly, we’ll never know. And neither will Annalise. (I know, I know, I know, they were definitely dysfunctional together. But there have definitely been crazier and more messed-up TV relationships that have worked out.)

How to Get Away with Murder exclusive clip

Image: ABC

In the scene, we also get a closer look at Connor’s sneakiness as he eavesdrops on Hannah Keating’s conversation with the police, giving Annalise a heads-up before things get heated for her.

We all know how that played out, and the drama between Hannah and Annalise could very well continue into Season 2. In fact, we really hope it does, since Marcia Gay Harden, who plays Hannah, and Davis together in a scene is like the epitome of powerhouse acting.

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Check out the full exclusive clip above. And for more insider looks at Season 1 of the show, pick up a copy of the HTGAWM Season 1 DVD, available Aug. 4, 2015.


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