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Trainwreck: The crazy scenes fans will never get to see

Amy Schumer teams up with director Judd Apatow for Trainwreck, the funniest movie of the year. We sat down with the cast to hear about all the scenes that didn’t make it into the movie.

Schumer is Hollywood’s It girl, and it’s no surprise given her irreverent style of humor and her ability not to take herself too seriously. She’s funny, she’s awkward and she’s not afraid to expose that side of herself.

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Though having written a solid script for Trainwreck to be directed by comedy giant Judd Apatow, Schumer admits she never thought it would actually get made. Not only is it the funniest movie of the summer, it also benefited from the actors’ solid improvisation techniques. Considering both Bill Hader and the film’s other star, Vanessa Bayer, hail from Saturday Night Live, we’re not surprised they wanted to add their own two cents.

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In our interview, the actors reveal what scenes were shot that didn’t make it into the movie, including the make-out session between Schumer and Hader that had a 9 1/2 Weeks vibe to it. Wow! We can only hope some of these scenes make it onto the DVD.

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Trainwreck opens in theaters on Friday.

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