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Adam Levine’s butt is making a political statement (VIDEO)

Ever wanted to see Adam Levine’s butt?

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No shame if so, and guess what — today’s your lucky day. The ridiculously hot Maroon 5 singer went and bared all of that backside in the band’s new video. Good thing it’s the weekend, because both the song and the video are NSFW.

You can check out the newly released official video below. Get those peepers peeled for the 0:28 mark, where Levine drops his towel like it’s hot.
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Naturally, for a song entitled “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf***er,” an R-rated video was in order. But lest you think Levine’s lecherousness is all for shock factor, the singer took to his Instagram to tell us all the real reason he got nekkid on camera: censorship is bad.

“F*** censorship,” reads text placed right above a still from the video showing Levine’s bare hiney, which apparently will simply not be censored. You can see the NSFW post here.

Judging by the comments on the post, there are a whole lot of ladies (and gentlemen) who are pretty stoked to be getting a good look at Levine’s goods. More than 15,000 comments, ranging from “” to “Love me some Adam,” had been posted to the photo by Sunday afternoon. So, ladies, if you’re looking forward to taking a peek, you’re in good company. Hey, we ain’t gonna judge.

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What’s your take on Maroon 5’s new video? And what about Adam Levine’s message about censorship? Do you agree with him? Or should rear ends stay pantsed as far as you’re concerned? Head down to the comments to share your thoughts.

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