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SPOILERS: Girl Meets World cast dishes on huge death coming in Season 2

Girl Meets World is planning a super-troubling story line to kick off Season 2 and we sat down with the cast to get the scoop.

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The cast revealed during our set visit that one major character in the series is going to die, which will affect every single member of the Matthews family.

“I would certainly imagine Cory, who doesn’t like change or doesn’t like anything different, would probably not handle that so well,” Ben Savage shared about his character’s upcoming journey in the new season.

Even August Maturo, who plays youngest Matthews kid Auggie, said his character will learn a lot from the passing of this key character.

It will also signal a big career shift for Topanga.

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“She gets to take over Mrs. Svorski’s bakery in an unexpected way,” actress Danielle Fishel teased.

Girl Meets World

Image: Disney

Another big change that could be in store for the Matthews family: more children.

Savage shared that Topanga and Cory have indeed talked about having more kids, but he was sure to say, “I don’t know if that’s happening.” But they’ve talked about it, which means it’ll definitely be something that’s addressed in the near future.

Keeping on the happy note this season, love could finally be in the air for Shawn Hunter, who could definitely use a girlfriend in our opinion.

“Ooh, well, I guess that’s for you guys to find out,” Fishel shared. “I know everybody’s rooting for that.”

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Savage added, “Another excellent reason to tune in.”

Unfortunately, Farkle isn’t out of the friend zone with Maya and Riley. But as for whether he could ever be a romantic interest, “I don’t think he is,” Corey Fogelmanis explained. “We actually don’t know what’s happening with that. We’re just going to let it happen organically.”

“They’re still kids,” Blanchard added of the romance on the show.

Check out the video above to hear Blanchard explain why her character, Riley, hoses Lucas in the promo for Season 2. And will those two finally get their second date?

Girl Meets World Season 2 premieres Monday, May 11 on Disney.

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