EXCLUSIVE: Watch the My Big Fat Fabulous Life makeout sesh (VIDEO)

On the next episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney goes out on a date and the moment turns more romantic than she expected.

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Whitney’s shared a lot of what it’s like to be an overweight woman on her TLC series. She’s shown people that fat girls can dance and even got back into teaching classes again after many years of being too afraid to step in front of a class. She also went shopping for her first bathing suit in a very long time, and ended up strutting her stuff on the beach in a bikini.

Her story has made many women feel empowered and given them the inspiration they needed to feel proud of their own bodies, no matter what shape they are in. Her message is that all bodies are beautiful and no one should feel shame. She’s even been brave enough to let viewers see what happens when the size of her body gets in her way, such as when her mom has to help her shave her legs.

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Now it’s time to see what happens when Whitney dives into the dating pool. On the next episode, Whitney will be going out on a date with an old friend. She doesn’t seem to have very high hopes for romance, but check out what happens after dinner is over and Whitney and her suitor step outside. It’s a moment that could belong in any romantic comedy. What will Whitney do when she suddenly finds romance might be in her future? Watch the clip below and find out.

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Be sure to check out the rest of the story in the next episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, airing Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 10/9c.


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