7 Times women were asked shallow questions on the Golden Globes red carpet

Ah, the Golden Globes 2015. The glitz, the glamor, the red carpet sexism.

Amy Adams gave an inspiring acceptance speech about how far Hollywood has come in creating complex characters for women to portray on-screen. She also gave a shout-out to all of the powerful female role models in the crowd at the Golden Globes and thanked them for giving her people for her young daughter to look up to. Adams’ speech proved that she, herself, is one of those powerful female role models.

But was the topic of strong women in cinema a topic that was broached to Adams on the red carpet before she made her way in to accept her award? Nope. Instead, her breasts were referenced as she was asked about her former job as a Hooter’s waitress. “I know you used to be a Hooter’s waitress, which I can see why,” said Entertainment Tonight‘s Nancy O’Dell as she interviewed Adams. Adams gracefully parlayed the comment into a conversation about the job being a great way to earn money for a car, but the remark kind of just hung there.

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While Adams was forced to sidestep a comment about her boobs, most of the male nominees were asked about their own inspirations and where they see their career heading. While we wholeheartedly agree with Adams that Hollywood has come a long way in writing complicated roles for women, it seems that the way the media covers the events has some catching up to do.

The questions asked on the red carpet were very lopsided and we weren’t the only ones who noticed. The Representation Project started a campaign and created a buzz on Twitter with #AskHerMore, and many have joined in the conversation.

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Here are some of the most shallow questions and comments aimed at women at Sunday night’s event.

1. “What are you wearing?”

While this is an appropriate question on the red carpet, the fact that it was the main topic tackled in Ryan Seacrest’s brief interview with Amal Alamuddin Clooney is not that cool. As hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler pointed out, there are a ton of other way more interesting things Seacrest could have asked Alamuddin.

2. “Your boobs are very perfect”

In fairness, E!’s Giuliana Rancic was set up by Sarah Silverman to make this comment, but Silverman herself called out Rancic for putting a microphone in her face without asking her a question first. “They don’t pay me enough,” said Rancic.

3. “How many clutches did you choose from?”

Twitter user @namakiki pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one.

4. “Did you help with potty training as you were getting into this dress?”

Yes, Nancy O’Dell, we’d love to know about Reese Witherspoon helping her kid on the toilet instead of being inspired by female author Cheryl Strayed.

5. “In front of the TV with the baby…”

Another ET host made this comment to Jenna Dewan Tatum while he was asking how she handles being married to the star of Magic Mike, Channing Tatum, after he asked Tatum about tackling a serious role.

6. “(Your dress) weighs a ton, I would imagine.”

Jennifer Lopez has about a billion projects going at all times, but the weight of her dress is weighing heavily on everyone’s minds, no doubt.

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7. “All those nice words and then you see your brother play that creepy guy on Nightcrawler — did you weigh in on that?”

Jake Gyllenhaal spent a good amount of time gushing about his sister as a career inspiration, but Carson Daly couldn’t think of anything to ask Maggie Gyllenhaal but what it was like to watch her brother play a creepy role.


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