SPOILER? Jane the Virgin star dishes on baby’s gender

Gina Rodriguez recently sat down with SheKnows and she didn’t waver at all on her thoughts about whether Jane is having a boy or a girl.

Rodriguez seems like one of the coolest chicks on the planet, and her lofty level of awesomeness when we sat down with her on Jane the Virgin‘s penthouse suite set pretty much solidified how we feel about her (penthouses are also lofty and awesome so it makes sense).

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While Jane is yet to display any bump visibility in the episodes we’ve seen so far, Rodriguez is rocking a wee little bump in this interview, so we can only guess when this baby is coming and we’re going to posit that May sweeps would seem, historically, like a good place for something big like this to take place.

But, seeing as that is six months away, perhaps we should turn our attention to something a little more pressing. Is Jane going to have a boy or a girl? It’s the big question on everyone’s lips (yes, we’re saying it’s a question that the nation is collectively pondering, and we’re sticking to that story). So, does Rodriguez know what Jane’s having? Um, no, she doesn’t, but that didn’t stop us from probing a little further.

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When asked about what gender she would like Jane’s baby to be, Rodriguez didn’t even miss a beat. She’s firmly planted in the baby girl corner. Why so steadfast in her opinion on what chromosomes Jane’s baby should have? It turns out, Rodriguez is “obsessed” with Jenna Ortega, who plays Jane’s “mini-me” on the show. We have to agree with Rodriguez: That kid is super cute.

All this talk of a little baby Latina got us thinking about baby name possibilities — we’re putting our money on something Hispanic or Catholic (we know, very daring of us), which have a tendency to go hand in hand. María (well, obviously), Lucía, Ana, Sofía, Carla and Sara are our top picks. We’d also like to throw Guadalupe into the ring as an option, because, well, that’s just a really fun name to say. Also a possibility? Alba, Jane’s abuela’s name. It would totally make sense given Alba’s strong influence in Jane’s life. But given that Jane’s name is a mouthful, it’s highly likely her currently unconfirmed daughter’s name will also be a mouthful, so it could very well be a combination of all of these options we’ve put forth.

Plus, also in Rodriguez’s arsenal of justification for her gender choice? The fact that Jane has previously said she’s having a girl because all of the pregnant women in her family only ever have girls. Yes, we definitely see how one would extrapolate from that statement that Jane is having a girl (you know, the fact that she’s plainly said it). But, to be honest with you, we are entertaining the possibility that this rationale was thrown into the show as a red herring and that the fact Jane thinks she’s having a girl pretty much means she’s having a boy.

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Let’s be real, though: Whether it’s a girl or a boy, we technically totally called it either way, right?


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