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Diddy posts emotional response to the Eric Garner decision online (VIDEO)

Amid the flurry of unrest and protests around the country, celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to voice their opinions on matters such as Ferguson, Missouri, and now the Eric Garner decision.

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been especially vocal recently, posting videos on his Instagram account in response to Ferguson and calling out President Barack Obama as events began to escalate between protesters and police.

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Most recently, Diddy shared several videos and photos with his 4.5 million followers on Instagram on Wednesday directly following the announcement that Daniel Pantaleo would not be charged in the death of Eric Garner.

Officers were trying to put Garner under arrest for suspicion of selling untaxed cigarettes when Pantaleo put him in what police describe as a chokehold, a forbidden technique. The police interaction, which ended in Garner’s death, was videotaped and has since gone viral. Garner, who is markedly larger than any of the officers surrounding him, can be seen being “noncompliant but not aggressive,” as described in the video, when the officer applied the chokehold.

Garner can then be heard repeatedly telling police he can’t breathe before he stops moving on the ground. He is later taken to the hospital where he is pronounced dead, which is not shown. Watch the entire video here.

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Diddy mirrors his Instagram messages across his social media accounts and reposts to his Twitter account, reaching a staggering 10 million-plus followers.

He urges his followers to unite, saying, “This is super important in order for us to make change!!” With the ability to reach a significant percentage of the population, Diddy, and media moguls like him, may just have the power to effect change or at the very least influence millions of public opinions.

Diddy appears to at least be trying. In 2013, he launched a music-oriented digital cable network called Revolt. The platform, which intends mostly to promote and deliver music videos and live performances, also carries news and is currently following both the Ferguson and Eric Garner stories on its front page.

What do you think of the Eric Garner decision? How can people #Unite for change?

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