George Clooney in bed: Think it’s super-hot? Think again

Who would have ever guessed that being in bed with George Clooney was not the most exhilarating experience ever?

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Not us! But it turns out the Monuments Men actor may need to learn some things about how to behave in the sack. And those things, according to the National Enquirer, via Radar Online, are to not leave crumbs everywhere.

The site claims that the Clooney has picked up a nasty habit (probably from all those years of reigning as the world’s most eligible bachelor) and that now he just can’t stop munching at bedtime.

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“Like lots of guys, George loves munching tasty treats at bedtime,” a source revealed to the publication. “But he’s whining to pals that Amal’s acting downright appalled by what she calls his ‘nasty habit.'”

And according to the source, Clooney has now resorted to hiding his snacks around the house, including in bathroom cupboards and closets. Um, what?

OK, if these reports are to be believed, these two haven’t been married long, so there are probably loads of things that they are still learning about each other, and your husband’s bad bedtime habits may just be one of them. However, if this is as bad as it gets, well, that’s not too bad then, is it? I mean, there are much worse things to deal with than crumbs in the bed, and c’mon — have you seen how hot Clooney is?

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Tell us what you think: Could you put up with crumbs in your bed?


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